Register of Experts and Bibliography

This bibliography is originally created by Dr. Ulrich Sollmann

There are a lot of bioenergetic colleagues interested in specific themes of theory and practice of Bioenergetic Analysis but not known to other colleagues who want to learn more and have questions or need help.There are many articles and books about advanced bioenergetics. But there is not time enough for researches and not enough training to read in so many different languages.

Therefore we have created a database where you can find colleagues interested in different issues or offer workshops or have written an article or book on its topic. For each article and book there is a short abstract. Some articles you can get in full text. In addition you will get information about books of colleagues not being Bioenergetic Therapists. But their books are very important for bioenergetic theory and practice.

This database is not perfect yet. It is an ongoing process including missing and new data and to make needed corrections. For both the help of our colleagues and above all of the authors of articles and books are wanted. In this case make contact to Rainer Mahr, who takes care of this project.

Expertendatenbank und Bibliographie

Register of Experts and Bibliography

Les Experts et leur Specialité, la Bibliographie

Register van Deskundigen en Bibliografie

Registro de Expertos y Bibliografía